My Experience

December 12, 2011

December 12

I think most of you can tell by now that I’ve had a great experience interning with WBRE’s PA Live! three times a week. I learned a lot that will help me in my future career.

When I tell people what show I intern with, they want to know what it is like to work with Dave and Monica. First of all, Dave and Monica are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. What you see on the camera is not fake. They are great people with awesome personalities. From day one, they were so supportive of me. They allowed me to try new things and always took my opinions seriously. It was such a pleasure working with both of them. I am so thankful for all the plugs they gave me throughout the weeks. When I was outside helping fry the turkey Dave said on air, “Dom definitely deserves a job here once his internship is over.” Stuff like that really means the world to me. I will miss them both a lot, but I know I’ll still see them.

I hope that I made a difference in the experiences of our guests on the show. I really tried to make sure each and every one of them enjoyed their time at WBRE. When you walked into the doors of WBRE, I was usually there to greet you and ask how your day was going. I would talk to guests about the show and just general topics. Whatever they needed throughout the show, whether it was water or coffee, I got for them. Between myself and Maureen, we escorted all the guests out of the studio. It is very hard coming into a place you’ve never been before so I tried to make all the guests feel welcomed and like they were right at home. I feel like I succeeded in this area, and hope our guests left the studio wanting to come back.

I really enjoyed getting to know the employees of WBRE. Since I spent at least ten or more hours a week in the newsroom, I was able to get to know so many people. Everyone was very nice to me and they treated me as if I were a member of their staff.

I will miss this internship a great deal for many reasons. However, I will always remember the great times I had there over the eleven weeks. I will always remember all of our wonderful guests, the employees of WBRE, and of course Dave and Monica.


My Last Day

December 12, 2011

December 9

When I started my internship and they told it would be eleven weeks, I thought it would last a really long time. Just like everything else in life, time goes by fast. It’s hard to imagine that I spent eleven weeks with the show. On my way to WBRE today, I knew that I had to make the most out of this last day on the job.

When I looked at the board, which says what guests will be on the show, I was excited to see that we were going to have a busy show. I said, “at least I’ll get to work hard for my last show.” The only easy part about today was the kitchen segment was already pre-taped.

On the show, we had Cecelia Mecca from She showed viewers some great gift ideas for the holidays. I believe this was her second time on the show. She does a great job in front of the camera, and I love talking with her. I definitely think they should have her on more often.
In our Your Community Live segment, Steve Perillo from Making a Difference Ministries and Caitlin Czeh from Wilkes University Campus Interfaith came on to talk about a Christmas with a Twist fundraiser to donate gifts to kids. It’s so nice to see faces on the show from Wilkes University. Caitlin did a great job on the air. I had the privilege of interviewing her twice this year for different article I had to write at school.

Steve Perillo and Caitlin Czeh with Monica

One of our weekly guests “Downtown” Justin Brown was on the show talking about Christmas gifts from The Office. I always have a lot of fun talking with Justin, and his segment are always great. This one was especially clever.

Justin and Monica

I got into the holiday spirit during the show today because of the Scranton High School Chorus. They call themselves Knight Rhythms. Their songs were wonderful and they had so much enthusiasm and energy. I was very impressed on how well-behaved they were. Many schools that come in are really loud and don’t listen. The students from Scranton were great and really listened to their teacher and all of us in the studio. When they told me what songs they were going to sing, I didn’t recognize either of them. Once they started singing, the songs were stuck in my head. They harmonized so well together, and I could tell they really enjoyed being on camera.

Scranton Chorus

One of my favorite weekly guests J.W. Colwell did a great job as usual. I could talk with him for hours about movies and just life in general. He always made me laugh every week. I’m really going to miss his enthusiasm and sense of humor. Every week I would tell him the same thing, “I haven’t seen a movie since the summer. Which movie looks good in theatres now?” He always gave great opinions about movies, and I am definitely going to check out some of them over Christmas break.

When the show came to a close today, Dave and Monica brought me on to say a few words. Dave thanked me for everything as he always does. I really didn’t know what to say because I was caught in the moment and it hit me that my internship was over. I think I said something along the lines of, “Thank you so much for everything. I had a great time and this chorus was awesome.” After the show, I got many pictures.


This is a picture of me talking on the air during the show.


PA Live! Kitchen

Sandy (Director of PA Live!)


J.W. Colwell and Justin Brown


Monica yelling "Get out of here. Your internship is over!" 🙂

I helped post video for the last time, and then said my good-byes to everyone at WBRE. I really had a great experience so it was very hard to leave. As I left the building, I knew that I would always remember the great times I had here.





Laughs with Dave Russo and Teri Granahan

December 12, 2011

December 8

Today was my last Thursday with the show. It was a great show filled with a lot of laughs and plenty of food.

In the kitchen was Dave Missey from Smokin’ Vittles. He had enough food on the show today to feed the entire South Franklin Street. I really enjoyed the corn bread and smoked ham. Because I am still getting over a cold, I couldn’t really enjoy the homemade hotdogs and other specialty items. This was Smokin’ Vittles second time on the show and he did a great job. He brought his wife and his son. His son even got to appear on television during the comedy segment.

Dave Missey from Smokin' Vittles

Every Thursday, Ralphie Aversa from 97BHT gives his weekly Ralphie Report. Today he dished on the new Miss PA USA winner and singer Adele’s demands. Ralphie always does such a great job, and I am always amazed at the interviews that he gets with big name celebrities.

The main reason I wanted to get better for this show today was to see comedians Dave Russo and Teri Granahan perform. Both are communication graduates from Wilkes University, and I was involved with their comedy show held at Wilkes tonight. I talked with Teri a lot on the phone for interviews, but I never got to meet her. It was so nice meeting her since I already knew so much about her. It was also really cool to meet Dave Russo. Dave performs at big comic events and comedy clubs around the country. They even brought a studio audience to PA Live! today. The audience was made up of my professor, Doctor Jane Elmes-Crahall and fellow members of Zebra Communication, our public relations agency at Wilkes University.

Doctor Jane Elmes-Crahall with Comedians Dave Russo and Teri Granahan

I think both comedians, Dr. Jane and my fellow classmates had a great time at the show today. One of the benefits was getting to sample the food at the end. There was definitely plenty of it to try.

Group picture!

It was really cool to have comedians on the show because we never had a comedian actually perform one of their routines before. Dave was hilarious and incorporated many aspects of the show. My favorite part was when he incorporated Dave Missey’s son. Our “studio audience” and all the other guests laughed almost the entire time Dave and Teri were on the air. This was a really good segment, and I am so glad I was able to get both of them on the show.

We also had professional dirt-bike racers from the Ama Arenacross series on the show talking about their upcoming event at the Mohegan Sun Area. We definitely had a busy show with a lot of guests.

Members from the Ama Arenacross series talk with Monica

When I was posting video after the show today with Monica, it hit me that my internship is finally coming to an end. I need to make the best out of my last day tomorrow.

My Last Tuesday

December 10, 2011

December 6

I didn’t even make it to the studio for my last Tuesday at PA Live! today. I caught the “bug” that has been going around for a while. I was disappointed I couldn’t be at the show today because I got someone very special to come on the show.

We refer to each other as cousins, even though we technically aren’t even related. Her name is Alyssa Golden and she made a Christmas CD this year with Dave Baloga to benefit Saint Jude’s Parish in Mountaintop and KISS Theatre Company. I haven’t seen Alyssa in a while so I was really excited to see her today. Unfortunately because of my illness, I didn’t make it out of bed. However, I did watch the show and she did an excellent job. Alyssa and Dave sang “The Prayer” in the first segment. They both sounded absolutely stunning. I had chills when Alyssa was singing. She has such a beautiful voice. I could tell that Dave and Monica were really impressed.

In the second half of the show, Alyssa sang “A Baby Changes Everything.” This was also amazing. Monica said at the end of the segment, “She’s definitely coming back.” Alyssa is only 15 and a freshman at Crestwood High School. She competed recently in a singing competition at a Catholic Youth Conference. Because of her singing abilities, she got a record deal! We are all very proud of Alyssa and wish her the best.

This was a show that I wish I was there, but at least I was able to watch it on television. I made sure to text Alyssa and her mom after the show to tell them what a great job she did.

To hear Alyssa sing, check out the PA Live! website,

Frying a Turkey

December 5, 2011

November 23

Have you ever tried a fried turkey before? Today was the first day I ever had fried turkey and it was delicious.

My assignment for this show was to help Dave with frying the turkey. After reading the instructions, Dave and I were able to get the fire started to heat up the oil. However, I didn’t realize that there was a timer on the fryer. In a half hour, the flame went out because the timer went off. Therefore, Dave and I had to relight this complicated contraption again. Finally, the oil was heating up great. In the first segment of the show, they showed me checking the temperature of the oil. I got a shout-out from Dave and Monica live on the air while outside.

I went inside quick to ask Dave what was coming up next. When I got back outside, the timer went off and the flame went out. One minute before going live on the air, Dave and I had to get the flame going again. With seconds to spare, we got it going. In the segment, Dave talked about how he marinated the turkey and gave tips on frying a turkey. Monica had the fire estinguisher in hand just as a precaution. From about 4:15 until about 4:45, I kept a close eye on the turkey. Within a few minutes, the outer crust was completely black. In the second segment, Dave took the turkey out of the fryer. I must admit that the turkey looked disgusting.

At the end of the show, we all got to taste Dave’s creation. It turned out to be the best turkey I ever had. Even the extremely burnt coating was delicious. Everyone from WBRE came to the studio after the show to try the turkey. This was another new and great experience on the show. I can now say I know how to fry a turkey.  

When I got home tonight, I got a couple text messages and phone calls from people who saw me on the show. It is always great to know that so many people are watching the show.

A Dangerous Show

December 5, 2011

November 22

Our Tuesday shows are usually quiet with a decent amount of guests. When I arrived to the studio today, I found out  there were going to be animals on the show! I like animals so it was no big deal. However, I found out that Clyde Peeling was going to be bringing an alligator, a python and a venomous cobra on the show. The first thing I thought about was what if the animals get loose in the studio.

Around 3:30 in the afternoon, I head to the lobby to greet all of our guests for the day. We had Dr. Nora and a student from TCMC Medical College, David Teret from Ollie’s Restaurant, Chef Kate Gabriele, Harold Jenkins and our reptile guy Clyde Peeling.

David Teret is a very familiar face because I eat at Ollie’s in Edwardsville with my family quite often. While talking to him, I told him how much I love their Duchess Cheese soup. That soup is to die for and everyone I know loves it. He was on the show today to talk about the “Dinners for Kids” program that he started. I think it’s great what he does for the children in our community. I told him I would be seeing him soon at Ollie’s Restaurant.

Harold Jenkins is one of our weekly guests, and I always have great conversations with him. He does a great job with NEPA Blogs and always talks about really interesting blogs on the show. Another familiar face on the show today was Doctor Nora from the TCMC Medical College in Scranton. This was her second time on the show and she always does a great job in her interviews.

In the kitchen was Chef Kate Gabriele. She made turkey risotto. It was a very different dish, but had a great taste and a lot of flavor. It is always nice to taste new recipes and different types of food on the show.

Clyde Peeling appeared on WBRE many years ago. One of the producers remembered a snake trying to get loose. I was worried to say the least. I had to help Clyde carry the snakes from the lobby back to the studio. He had me carry the 60/70 pound python. It was extremely heavy and I was nervous while carrying it because I was afraid I would drop it. The walk from the lobby to the studio is kind of far especially when you are carrying such a large snake.

The interesting part was the venomous cobra. He brought the cobra out last during the show. He asked myself and Maureen to get him an empty trash can in case the snake tries to escape. During the segment, the snake was hissing the entire time. Dave and Monica made sure to stand back really far and I did the same thing. Clyde said a bite from a snake like this could cost someone their life.

At the end of the show, I had to help Clyde carrying the snakes to his car. I opted to carry the alligator. I told him I would not carry the venomous cobra. Although they were in sealed containers, I did not want to risk it. When you would just pass the container, the snake would start hissing.

This was probably one of the most interesting experiences I had on this show so far. Who can say they helped carry snakes in for a television show? These experiences at PA Live! I will remember my entire life.

End of Week 7

November 30, 2011

November 11

It is hard to imagine that I’ve been working with this show for seven weeks now. Our Thursday and Friday shows this week were packed with many guests.

Yesterday, Monica was off so Shannon Murphy filled in. She was nervous prior to the show, but she did a great job. In the kitchen was Mazur’sRestaurant. The chicken scampi that was cooked was delicious. Mr. Mazur brought his wife, mother, and his mother’s friend to watch the show. He was a really nice guy, and he did a great job in front of the camera. I could tell he was thankful for the opportunity to cook on the show.

Dave cooking in the kitchen with Mazur's

We had our weekly Ralphie Report from 97BHT’s Ralphie Aversa. Dave and Shannon interviewed guests about a celebrity champagne brunch and Alzheimer awareness month in two of the segments.

A big name was on the show today! Does Jay McCarroll ring a bell? He was the winner of Project Runway Season 1. He has had a lot of success after winning the show, and he currently has his own clothing and accessories line. The scarf that he had Shannon try on was really nice and I’m thinking about ordering it for my mom for Christmas.

Jay McCarroll

On today’s show, Dave was live on the red carpet at an event in Scranton. Downtown Justin Brown joined him to talk about the weekend’s events.

In addition to Chef Amanda cooking and J.W. Colwell’s movie report, we had a local band perform. They were a big band and brought a lot of people with them. The studio was extremely packed, and I was constantly running to get drinks for our guests. When guests first arrive at the studio, I always offer them a water or coffee. Most guests say no, but some like a little water before going on the show. Today, almost every band member wanted coffee. Even the people who came with them to watch wanted coffee! I guess you can say I got my exercise today and made some great coffee.

The past seven weeks have been great. I really like this internship a lot. Everyone who works here is really nice, and I get to meet so many great people every day. I have about four weeks left.

My Appearance and Election Day

November 30, 2011

November 8

When walking into the newsroom on this election day, I could tell everyone was in a state of frenzy. Someone said election day is the worst day in a television newsroom. I was asked to stay and help tally the results from the election so I put in a long shift today.

On our PA Live! show, we had Trend Hungry Tuesday with Jessie Holeva, information about a cancer benefit for a Schuylkill County toddler, election day preview, and Harold Jenkins with “life” blogs.

Dave and Monica tried to hula hoop on the show. Experts were showing them the best way to hula. Monica was very good at it, but I think Dave needs a little practice. I can’t say anything because I can’t hula hoop either. No matter how much I tried as a kid and even with certain competitions, I could never get the hang of it.

In the kitchen today was Laura’s Sweet Gourmet. She made whole wheat sticky buns. The smell lingered through the studio throughout the entire show. When it was about two minutes before the final taste test, Dave and Monica realized that all the guests were gone and they didn’t have anyone to test the food. They asked me to come on camera and try the whole wheat sticky buns. I must say they were delicious! It was really neat to be on camera. Dave was really nice and introduced me as the intern and told everyone what a great job I’m doing. When I was tasted the treat, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. When I went to check it, it was some of my friends who saw the show. I got text messages that said “How’s the sticky bun? and “I see you!”. I was surprised that they watch the show.

After helping clean up and post videos, I left WBRE for a little and went to a meeting for my job. When I walked into the meeting, a few people asked me if that was me who was on television. I guess they were turning the channel on for the news and they saw me. It was great hearing all this because it shows how many people actually watch the show.

After my meeting, I headed back to WBRE to help with Election Night. Monica and I sat at computers and were in charge of calculating the results for about ten different races. One of the races was for the Luzerne County Council. This race was very tricky because there were so many candidates. It was also confusing because so many people thought there was only one Steven Urban running. Most people thought he was just running under both parties. However, it was a father and the son that were running. One needed to look at the middle initial to distinguish the two.

We had to keep checking the latest results on county websites and also by calling polling stations. It was a fun night and something different. It is crucial that we tallied the results as fast and accurately as possible. I’m glad they asked me to help.

My Job at PA Live! #2

November 28, 2011

November 7

One of the great aspects of my internship is that I get to meet so many amazing people. On any given day we have between four and ten guests. My second job at PA Live! is what Dave and Monica like to call “Guest Management”.

Around 3:25 p.m., I go to the lobby of WBRE to welcome all the guests for the show. I talk with them about why they are on the show and just have general conversations. I then ask them if they need anything to drink. (I’ve learned how to make coffee by doing this internship!) Maureen from the sales department helps me in making the guests feel like they are at home. We talk with them and answer any questions that they may have.

At 3:45 p.m., we take all the guests back to the PA Live! studio. Usually we take the musical guests and the chef back earlier for obvious reasons. One of the first reactions I always hear when we take the guests back is “wow, this studio is beautiful”. Many guests love that they are essentially the studio audience for the show. Some will stay the entire show even if they appear early in the show. There are also those guests that once they are done with their segment they want to leave. Maureen and I also help escort all the guests back to the lobby.

Once the show is over, I help the chef clean up and carry their items to their vehicle. Some chefs clean up really fast and some take forever. There was one chef who was out of the building by 5:02 p.m. Then there are also the guests who take a long time to clean everything up. If there are musical guests on the show, I also help them carry their equipment to the parking lot.

“Guest management” is fun because I get to meet so many wonderful people. I really get to know those guests who come on every week. I will miss talking with them once my internship is over.

Our Last Friday Pep Rally

November 22, 2011

November 4

After tonight’s football games, the normal season of high school football will be over. That also means that today was our last day for pep rallies on the show. It is hard to imagine what Fridays will be like without high school cheerleaders and band members. Fridays are always my busiest days because I have to basically help the high school students with anything that they need. I also have to filter them in and out of the studio throughout the show.

Our last high school to cheer and perform was Meyers. Their band and cheerleaders were energetic and did a great job. They were very excited to try the food at the end of the show. Rodano’s was on the show making eggplant rollentini. The smell lingered through the WBRE newsroom and I couldn’t wait to try it. Because there were so many people on the show, I only got to try a little piece of the eggplant, but it was delicious. My little sample left we wanting more. I will definitely head over to Rodano’s one of these days and order the eggplant instead of always getting pizza and wings.

I wish I could pick a favorite high school, but they all did such a great job. All the students were always thrilled to be on live television. They all had a lot of energy and were so appreciative for the opportunity to be on television. I think one of the highlights for all the schools was eating the delicious food after. Students ate the most the week that Revello’s was on. Most students only take a little bit of food and get on their way. That was not the case when Revello’s was on. The band and cheerleaders stayed until there was no more food left to eat. I will definitely miss this crazy and busy Fridays, but we something similar planned for December.