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A Dangerous Show

December 5, 2011

November 22

Our Tuesday shows are usually quiet with a decent amount of guests. When I arrived to the studio today, I found out  there were going to be animals on the show! I like animals so it was no big deal. However, I found out that Clyde Peeling was going to be bringing an alligator, a python and a venomous cobra on the show. The first thing I thought about was what if the animals get loose in the studio.

Around 3:30 in the afternoon, I head to the lobby to greet all of our guests for the day. We had Dr. Nora and a student from TCMC Medical College, David Teret from Ollie’s Restaurant, Chef Kate Gabriele, Harold Jenkins and our reptile guy Clyde Peeling.

David Teret is a very familiar face because I eat at Ollie’s in Edwardsville with my family quite often. While talking to him, I told him how much I love their Duchess Cheese soup. That soup is to die for and everyone I know loves it. He was on the show today to talk about the “Dinners for Kids” program that he started. I think it’s great what he does for the children in our community. I told him I would be seeing him soon at Ollie’s Restaurant.

Harold Jenkins is one of our weekly guests, and I always have great conversations with him. He does a great job with NEPA Blogs and always talks about really interesting blogs on the show. Another familiar face on the show today was Doctor Nora from the TCMC Medical College in Scranton. This was her second time on the show and she always does a great job in her interviews.

In the kitchen was Chef Kate Gabriele. She made turkey risotto. It was a very different dish, but had a great taste and a lot of flavor. It is always nice to taste new recipes and different types of food on the show.

Clyde Peeling appeared on WBRE many years ago. One of the producers remembered a snake trying to get loose. I was worried to say the least. I had to help Clyde carry the snakes from the lobby back to the studio. He had me carry the 60/70 pound python. It was extremely heavy and I was nervous while carrying it because I was afraid I would drop it. The walk from the lobby to the studio is kind of far especially when you are carrying such a large snake.

The interesting part was the venomous cobra. He brought the cobra out last during the show. He asked myself and Maureen to get him an empty trash can in case the snake tries to escape. During the segment, the snake was hissing the entire time. Dave and Monica made sure to stand back really far and I did the same thing. Clyde said a bite from a snake like this could cost someone their life.

At the end of the show, I had to help Clyde carrying the snakes to his car. I opted to carry the alligator. I told him I would not carry the venomous cobra. Although they were in sealed containers, I did not want to risk it. When you would just pass the container, the snake would start hissing.

This was probably one of the most interesting experiences I had on this show so far. Who can say they helped carry snakes in for a television show? These experiences at PA Live! I will remember my entire life.