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Laughs with Dave Russo and Teri Granahan

December 12, 2011

December 8

Today was my last Thursday with the show. It was a great show filled with a lot of laughs and plenty of food.

In the kitchen was Dave Missey from Smokin’ Vittles. He had enough food on the show today to feed the entire South Franklin Street. I really enjoyed the corn bread and smoked ham. Because I am still getting over a cold, I couldn’t really enjoy the homemade hotdogs and other specialty items. This was Smokin’ Vittles second time on the show and he did a great job. He brought his wife and his son. His son even got to appear on television during the comedy segment.

Dave Missey from Smokin' Vittles

Every Thursday, Ralphie Aversa from 97BHT gives his weekly Ralphie Report. Today he dished on the new Miss PA USA winner and singer Adele’s demands. Ralphie always does such a great job, and I am always amazed at the interviews that he gets with big name celebrities.

The main reason I wanted to get better for this show today was to see comedians Dave Russo and Teri Granahan perform. Both are communication graduates from Wilkes University, and I was involved with their comedy show held at Wilkes tonight. I talked with Teri a lot on the phone for interviews, but I never got to meet her. It was so nice meeting her since I already knew so much about her. It was also really cool to meet Dave Russo. Dave performs at big comic events and comedy clubs around the country. They even brought a studio audience to PA Live! today. The audience was made up of my professor, Doctor Jane Elmes-Crahall and fellow members of Zebra Communication, our public relations agency at Wilkes University.

Doctor Jane Elmes-Crahall with Comedians Dave Russo and Teri Granahan

I think both comedians, Dr. Jane and my fellow classmates had a great time at the show today. One of the benefits was getting to sample the food at the end. There was definitely plenty of it to try.

Group picture!

It was really cool to have comedians on the show because we never had a comedian actually perform one of their routines before. Dave was hilarious and incorporated many aspects of the show. My favorite part was when he incorporated Dave Missey’s son. Our “studio audience” and all the other guests laughed almost the entire time Dave and Teri were on the air. This was a really good segment, and I am so glad I was able to get both of them on the show.

We also had professional dirt-bike racers from the Ama Arenacross series on the show talking about their upcoming event at the Mohegan Sun Area. We definitely had a busy show with a lot of guests.

Members from the Ama Arenacross series talk with Monica

When I was posting video after the show today with Monica, it hit me that my internship is finally coming to an end. I need to make the best out of my last day tomorrow.

End of Week 7

November 30, 2011

November 11

It is hard to imagine that I’ve been working with this show for seven weeks now. Our Thursday and Friday shows this week were packed with many guests.

Yesterday, Monica was off so Shannon Murphy filled in. She was nervous prior to the show, but she did a great job. In the kitchen was Mazur’sRestaurant. The chicken scampi that was cooked was delicious. Mr. Mazur brought his wife, mother, and his mother’s friend to watch the show. He was a really nice guy, and he did a great job in front of the camera. I could tell he was thankful for the opportunity to cook on the show.

Dave cooking in the kitchen with Mazur's

We had our weekly Ralphie Report from 97BHT’s Ralphie Aversa. Dave and Shannon interviewed guests about a celebrity champagne brunch and Alzheimer awareness month in two of the segments.

A big name was on the show today! Does Jay McCarroll ring a bell? He was the winner of Project Runway Season 1. He has had a lot of success after winning the show, and he currently has his own clothing and accessories line. The scarf that he had Shannon try on was really nice and I’m thinking about ordering it for my mom for Christmas.

Jay McCarroll

On today’s show, Dave was live on the red carpet at an event in Scranton. Downtown Justin Brown joined him to talk about the weekend’s events.

In addition to Chef Amanda cooking and J.W. Colwell’s movie report, we had a local band perform. They were a big band and brought a lot of people with them. The studio was extremely packed, and I was constantly running to get drinks for our guests. When guests first arrive at the studio, I always offer them a water or coffee. Most guests say no, but some like a little water before going on the show. Today, almost every band member wanted coffee. Even the people who came with them to watch wanted coffee! I guess you can say I got my exercise today and made some great coffee.

The past seven weeks have been great. I really like this internship a lot. Everyone who works here is really nice, and I get to meet so many great people every day. I have about four weeks left.