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Frying a Turkey

December 5, 2011

November 23

Have you ever tried a fried turkey before? Today was the first day I ever had fried turkey and it was delicious.

My assignment for this show was to help Dave with frying the turkey. After reading the instructions, Dave and I were able to get the fire started to heat up the oil. However, I didn’t realize that there was a timer on the fryer. In a half hour, the flame went out because the timer went off. Therefore, Dave and I had to relight this complicated contraption again. Finally, the oil was heating up great. In the first segment of the show, they showed me checking the temperature of the oil. I got a shout-out from Dave and Monica live on the air while outside.

I went inside quick to ask Dave what was coming up next. When I got back outside, the timer went off and the flame went out. One minute before going live on the air, Dave and I had to get the flame going again. With seconds to spare, we got it going. In the segment, Dave talked about how he marinated the turkey and gave tips on frying a turkey. Monica had the fire estinguisher in hand just as a precaution. From about 4:15 until about 4:45, I kept a close eye on the turkey. Within a few minutes, the outer crust was completely black. In the second segment, Dave took the turkey out of the fryer. I must admit that the turkey looked disgusting.

At the end of the show, we all got to taste Dave’s creation. It turned out to be the best turkey I ever had. Even the extremely burnt coating was delicious. Everyone from WBRE came to the studio after the show to try the turkey. This was another new and great experience on the show. I can now say I know how to fry a turkey.  

When I got home tonight, I got a couple text messages and phone calls from people who saw me on the show. It is always great to know that so many people are watching the show.