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My Last Day

December 12, 2011

December 9

When I started my internship and they told it would be eleven weeks, I thought it would last a really long time. Just like everything else in life, time goes by fast. It’s hard to imagine that I spent eleven weeks with the show. On my way to WBRE today, I knew that I had to make the most out of this last day on the job.

When I looked at the board, which says what guests will be on the show, I was excited to see that we were going to have a busy show. I said, “at least I’ll get to work hard for my last show.” The only easy part about today was the kitchen segment was already pre-taped.

On the show, we had Cecelia Mecca from She showed viewers some great gift ideas for the holidays. I believe this was her second time on the show. She does a great job in front of the camera, and I love talking with her. I definitely think they should have her on more often.
In our Your Community Live segment, Steve Perillo from Making a Difference Ministries and Caitlin Czeh from Wilkes University Campus Interfaith came on to talk about a Christmas with a Twist fundraiser to donate gifts to kids. It’s so nice to see faces on the show from Wilkes University. Caitlin did a great job on the air. I had the privilege of interviewing her twice this year for different article I had to write at school.

Steve Perillo and Caitlin Czeh with Monica

One of our weekly guests “Downtown” Justin Brown was on the show talking about Christmas gifts from The Office. I always have a lot of fun talking with Justin, and his segment are always great. This one was especially clever.

Justin and Monica

I got into the holiday spirit during the show today because of the Scranton High School Chorus. They call themselves Knight Rhythms. Their songs were wonderful and they had so much enthusiasm and energy. I was very impressed on how well-behaved they were. Many schools that come in are really loud and don’t listen. The students from Scranton were great and really listened to their teacher and all of us in the studio. When they told me what songs they were going to sing, I didn’t recognize either of them. Once they started singing, the songs were stuck in my head. They harmonized so well together, and I could tell they really enjoyed being on camera.

Scranton Chorus

One of my favorite weekly guests J.W. Colwell did a great job as usual. I could talk with him for hours about movies and just life in general. He always made me laugh every week. I’m really going to miss his enthusiasm and sense of humor. Every week I would tell him the same thing, “I haven’t seen a movie since the summer. Which movie looks good in theatres now?” He always gave great opinions about movies, and I am definitely going to check out some of them over Christmas break.

When the show came to a close today, Dave and Monica brought me on to say a few words. Dave thanked me for everything as he always does. I really didn’t know what to say because I was caught in the moment and it hit me that my internship was over. I think I said something along the lines of, “Thank you so much for everything. I had a great time and this chorus was awesome.” After the show, I got many pictures.


This is a picture of me talking on the air during the show.


PA Live! Kitchen

Sandy (Director of PA Live!)


J.W. Colwell and Justin Brown


Monica yelling "Get out of here. Your internship is over!" 🙂

I helped post video for the last time, and then said my good-byes to everyone at WBRE. I really had a great experience so it was very hard to leave. As I left the building, I knew that I would always remember the great times I had here.