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Our Last Friday Pep Rally

November 22, 2011

November 4

After tonight’s football games, the normal season of high school football will be over. That also means that today was our last day for pep rallies on the show. It is hard to imagine what Fridays will be like without high school cheerleaders and band members. Fridays are always my busiest days because I have to basically help the high school students with anything that they need. I also have to filter them in and out of the studio throughout the show.

Our last high school to cheer and perform was Meyers. Their band and cheerleaders were energetic and did a great job. They were very excited to try the food at the end of the show. Rodano’s was on the show making eggplant rollentini. The smell lingered through the WBRE newsroom and I couldn’t wait to try it. Because there were so many people on the show, I only got to try a little piece of the eggplant, but it was delicious. My little sample left we wanting more. I will definitely head over to Rodano’s one of these days and order the eggplant instead of always getting pizza and wings.

I wish I could pick a favorite high school, but they all did such a great job. All the students were always thrilled to be on live television. They all had a lot of energy and were so appreciative for the opportunity to be on television. I think one of the highlights for all the schools was eating the delicious food after. Students ate the most the week that Revello’s was on. Most students only take a little bit of food and get on their way. That was not the case when Revello’s was on. The band and cheerleaders stayed until there was no more food left to eat. I will definitely miss this crazy and busy Fridays, but we something similar planned for December.